Lighting Design & Installation Services

Lighting Design & Installation

Lighting creates an ambience that makes your house a home. Southwest Electrical can advise you on the perfect lighting design and equipment for your home, assisting with the lighting installation and creating the right effect for different rooms and activities.

Good lighting makes a huge difference to the way we enjoy our homes.

It can highlight busy areas, make working and cooking easier or help us to unwind after a busy day.

In modern homes, our lighting installers also take energy efficiency into account to ensure you can light your home without fretting about the bill.

Lighting Design

Lights that work well in an office would make a living room seem cold and clinical. Likewise, the soft lighting arrangement for a dining room wouldn’t work in the kitchen. To make the most of your home, you need expert help to get the lighting just right.

Southwest Electrical combines decades of lighting design expertise with unbeatable technical know-how. Our lighting technicians will recommend affordable lighting for the rooms in your home, balancing the budget while achieving an aesthetically pleasing effect.

In all of our lighting design & installation projects, our team ensures that the fixtures and fittings are suitable in your property, taking into account the existing décor and style. Contact us today.

Lighting Installation

Lighting technicians from Southwest Electrical don’t only install the hardware. They also make expert recommendations based on energy efficiency and the location of the lights.

By identifying frequently used areas, we can focus the light in the right places, cutting down on energy bills. In the bathroom and kitchen, our team recommends special lighting that highlights busy areas without glare and are easy on the eye.

We also recommend a range of energy efficient hardware, including modern LED bulbs that literally cost pennies to run. LEDs are available in warm and cool variants and do a great job of mimicking traditional bulbs.

When you’re ready to meet an installer, let us know. Someone will visit your property to conduct a full audit and chat about the type of lighting you need. We’ll then prepare a free quote with no obligation.

To speak to a member of our team for more information on Lighting or for a free quotation please call 0117 950 2883 or please fill in the enquiry form and we’ll happily contact you.