Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

Home Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Get Up to £500 Cashback on your Home Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Given that most private cars are parked overnight where they are based, the majority of EV owners rely on safe and secure charging at home to ensure that their vehicle is powered and ready for use each day.

As professional electrical contractors, we are accredited by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to access the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme funding and offer the most competitive price available for home charging station installations Nationwide. Our network of certified and trained electricians are committed to providing an installation service that is efficient, cost-effective and a great investment.

What is an EV charging station?

An electric vehicle charging station supplies electric energy for the recharging of your electric vehicle. This includes plug-in electric vehicles, electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Why do you need a home vehicle charging point?

Being up to 2.5x faster than charging with a 3 pin plug, home vehicle charging points are fitted with certified protection from overheating and are the most cost-effective charging solution for your car.

Charging at home costs around £3.00 for a full charge or 2p per mile
Based on an average 20 mile daily commute, this equates to only 40p per day!

What will your chargepoint include?

  • Fully installed wallpod for EV homechargeBuilt in Type A RCBO (overload and fault protection)
  • Tethered charging lead or charging socket
  • LED status indicator

You only Pay £149 + VAT *

The government funding subsidises the cost of installing a residential electric vehicle charging station for owners/primary users of electric vehicles. The grant allows us to reclaim the money spent on installing your charging stations up to £500. Additionally you can purchase the automatic data management system

*Our customers are required to make a contribution of only £149 +VAT for a socket / untethered unit and £199 + VAT for a cabled / tethered unit.

UK EV Home Charging Solutions

As OLEV accredited installers, we provide safe, secure home charge units installed by leading our independent charge point experts.
At Southwest Electrical, we are keen to offer solutions to homeowners with more complex installations that may require ground works, civil works or with long cable runs that other companies are unable to assist with.

The Installation Experts

We install electric car charging units to homeowners nationwide every month. Our home charge units offer customers the fastest and safest way to recharge their vehicles.

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